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Learning is a journey, not a destination. Apply what you learn, record the changes, and continuously strive to improve yourself. 


Hello Friends!

My name is Sasonoto Hasbullah and I am a data analyst and YouTuber.

This website serves as a digital diary, recording my journey as I strive to lead a fulfilling life to the fullest. 

Welcome to my world of continuous learning, application, and improvement. I'm thrilled to have you here! 

The Journey

US Delay Flight Dashboard

The goal of this project is to create a dashboard that tracks and displays the delays of flights in the United States. Tasks included in the project are Data cleaning, Data visualization, and Dashboard development. This dashboard is developed for anyone interested in tracking flight delays in the United States, such as travelers, airlines, and airport authorities.  

Football Dashboard 

My football value dashboard is a demonstration of my skills in creating Power BI dashboards. It provides a comprehensive overview of every player's market value, salary, and age average in the club. With real-time data updates and interactive charts, this dashboard showcases my ability to design and develop data-driven solutions that enable decision-making and optimization.

I post a video every two weeks about data analytics

A hub where I share my reflections and insights on the inner workings of the world 

Join our community and strive together!

The Trail

Every month, I curate a newsletter where I share a glimpse into my world - it features my personal musings, tales that inspire, books that have captured my interest, and exciting updates about my ongoing projects. 

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